After the Hackathon

Tips for attending and getting the most out of Hackathons

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After the Hackathon

There are a number of things you may consider doing after the hackathon.

Helping/thanking organisers and volunteers

The organisers and volunteers put a lot of time and effort into arranging hackathons. It is only right to thank them for their effort. And if you have the opportunity to help them out, they'd really appreciate it. This can be as simple as packing away or stacking chairs.

Open source

If you believe your project could benefit others you may consider uploading it to GitHub and open sourcing it.

Blog post

Chronicling your hackathon project is a great way of sharing what you did with others. It also helps spread the word about the hackathon which is crucial for future events.

That's it

If you found any of these tips useful, please make sure you share them.